Preschool sports & activities

Organized Play For Young Children

Get your preschool age child active and engaged in our preschool sports! Developing minds and bodies will benefit from the supervised play in a fun, safe environment. Whether kids participate in one of our preschool specific programs, or as part of a larger youth sport, they're sure to learn and grow as they enjoy building new skills and confidence. All of our preschool programming emphasize both the building of skills and the development of our four core values of Caring, Honesty, Responsibility & Respect. Get your kids involved in our fun games, sports and activities.

Ages 3-4

This program will introduce your child to a variety of sports each week. Examples of some of the sports that will be introduced are basketball, volleyball, soccer and t-ball.

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Ages 3-4
(Games, Activities, Tag, Obstacles, Relays, & Sports) Participants will actively participate in the listed activities, learn rules and skills, and have fun!

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Swish and Splash
Ages 3-4
Come join the fun while playing various sports and activities with your child in the gym before transitioning to the pool for free swim the last half hour of class. This is a semi-structured class with supervision provided by trained YMCA staff and lifeguards. Participants will have full access to all Y equipment, but please feel free to bring your own as well!

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Ages 3-6

This basic introduction to gymnastic movement is perfect for toddlers and young kids! Improve coordination, develop flexibility, increase strength and have FUN with elements of gymnastics.

Gymnastics I classes meet once per week. See registration for session dates, location, and pricing details.

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