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The YMCA is all about offering safe, fun and engaging activities for kids of all ages. Beyond an offering of popular sports classes and leagues, we also offer a variety of other games, activities and sports for kids looking to explore new options. All of our youth programming emphasize both the building of skills and the development of our four core values of Caring, Honesty, Responsibility & Respect. Get your kids involved in our fun games, sports and activities.

Youth Volleyball
Participants in our youth volleyball program will learn the fundamentals of the game in a fun, friendly format. An introduction to gameplay, positions and basic drills will help kids develop the basic skills needed to play this energetic sport.

Youth Dodgeball
Kids will enjoy expelling some energy in this fast-paced game, as they maneuver around the gym. Dodgeball helps to develop hand-eye coordination, balance, flexibility and many other skills that transfer to other sports. With an emphasis on fun and safety, our dodgeball class is a great way for youth to engage in extra physical activity.

Youth Floor Hockey
Combining the coordination and teamwork necessary for hockey, with a safe, ice-free gymnasium environment, floor hockey is sure to be enjoyed by youth of all ages. Our classes allow kids to get involved in organized play, meet new friends, and burn plenty of energy. We'll teach basic skills that help to improve concentration, coordination, balance and more, all while ensuring particpants are engaged and having fun!

Intro to Lacrosse
Through the use of fun and creative games, our coaches will introduce hand-eye coordination skills that will begin to build the foundation of lacrosse scooping, cradling, passing, catching and shooting techniques. Soft sticks and balls will be provided.

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