Trains at Lussier Family West YMCA

As a dancer, I have always appreciated physical fitness and the body’s ability to move. After experiencing my fair share of injuries throughout my dance career, I tried strength-training programs and learned how to work out safely and efficiently. Even though I was used to training up to eight hours a day, I noticed amazing changes in my body and felt healthier than ever. I love sharing everything I learned about how to train properly while also having tons of fun! I enjoy creating workouts for a wide variety of clients to help them improve overall body function, increase cardiovascular endurance, enhance total body strength and improve flexibility and balance. I also believe that working out is much easier when you have someone to hold you accountable and someone to keep things entertaining! 


• ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach

• ACE Weight Management Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

• NETA certified Kettlebell Specialist

• Certified Zumba Instructor

• Certified Strong by Zumba Instructor (HIIT program)

• Certified PoundFit Instructor

I love to travel, read as many books as possible, cook & bake (though my baking skills need a little work!), marathon-watch Harry Potter movies, spend time with my family & friends and pet as many dogs as I can.