Trains at Lussier Family East YMCA

All the friendly faces, staff and members who make this gym community welcoming, unique, and awesome.

Why the Y
The Mission is meaningful. We use exercise to heal individuals who can then build stronger communities that impact society at large. How can you beat that?

My philosophy
Your brain and body are one and the same. This brain/body is your first home and the temple of God’s Holy Spirit. The way you train, move, and treat your brain/body shapes your entire life.


  • Brain health 
  • Sports performance 
  • Mobility and stability work including core strength
  • Vision and balance training 
  • Strength training, weightlifting technique and tips 
  • Weight loss 
  • Injury rehabilitation and pain prevention 
  • Functional exercise 
  • Habit change, lifestyle optimization, and busting up plateaus and dull routines

My training philosophy
The human brain is the key to our performance in life. New science shows that our brain changes according to how we use it, regardless of our age. I’m sure you’ve heard of “move it or lose it.” Well, this axiom applies to just about everything, including our eyes, fingers and feet, and many other areas that are easily overlooked. The brain gets better at what we practice. We call this habit formation. It’s my job to help you take control of your habits, improving what and how you practice so you are assured of results that matter - for life.