LSC Upgrades

The Y is here for your health, and we are excited to announce state-of-the-art fitness equipment upgrades at all three branches during the first week of January. If you’re a frequent lifestyle center user, you’re going to love these new tools!

Matrix Ride is coming to our group cycling classes at the East and West YMCAs. The Matrix Ride system has specialized cycles that use vibrant colors to keep you motivated and metrics that make it easy to track your progress. Participants can focus rides on distance, heart rate, watts, calories and RPMs.

East and Sun Prairie are set for new Matrix Treadmills, and Freemotion Dual Cable Cross and Genesis Function Lift machines are going to the East Y.

East and West get Matrix Ultra Series strength-training equipment with highly specialized functionality designed to isolate and work chest, shoulder, leg, abdominal, arm and core areas.

Finally, West gets new dumbells and a storage rack.

Installations (and removal of some older equipment) will happen quickly:

East: January 2-3
Sun Prairie: January 2-3
West: January 2-4

None of the lifestyle centers will close, but there may be small inconveniences as equipment is moved in and out, so thanks in advance for your patience. We hope that this great new equipment helps you get to that New You in the New Year even faster!