hi/low aerobics

High Intensity, Low Impact

If you're looking for an energizing workout that's high intensity but low impact, look no further! This high intensity and low impact class has easy to follow cardiovascular movements for all fitness levels. Modifications will be shown so participants can choose their own levels of intensity and impact

Drop-in class, all levels, no registration required. 

A Typical Class

Classes vary each week but typically begin with a warm up and some stretching exercises. Your instructor will then incorporate several types of aerobic exercises including but not limited to choreographed aerobics, kickboxing and toning using stability balls, free weights, weighted bars and resistance bands.

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Burns calories for a leaner body
  • Total body toning
  • Wards off exercise boredom

Tips & Preparation

  • New to class? Arrive a little early so our instructor can give you some pointers
  • Prepare to sweat

Equipment, Attire & What to Bring

  • No equipment necessary
  • Come to class dressed and ready to move your body
  • Loose-fitting, functional clothing made of breathable material to allow air flow
  • Proper gym shoes, comfortable fit, good stability
  • Water, towel