Spin Your Way to Fitness

Spin your way to fitness and join an indoor cycling class, where we use varying pedaling speed and resistance to torch calories, build strength, gain endurance, and lose a lot of sweat, all while listening to fun music! Bring a water bottle.

Drop-in class for all levels, no registration required. 

A Typical Class

A typical class starts with gradually increasing speed and/or resistance to warm up the muscles. During class, body positions may vary with the "drill" or activity performed, such as seated with hands resting comfortably on the handlebars, and standing while pedaling with hands lightly on the handlebars. Resistance and speed will vary as we work on endurance, strength, and speed in both aerobic and anaerobic drills: climbs, sprints, rolling hills, power intervals, and more! Class ends with a cool down and stretching.

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Strengthens the heart and lungs

  • Decreases stress

  • Helps reduce risk of some diseases

  • Improves overall energy and quality of life

Tips & Preparation

  • New to class? Arrive at least 5 minutes early so our instructor can help set up your bike for a proper fit. 
  • Please let the instructor know if you are recovering from an injury so s/he can offer modifications.
  • No bike riding experience needed
  • You control the intensity

Equipment, Attire, & What to Bring

  • Come to class dressed and ready to move your body
  • Water, towel
  • Comfortable, proper-fitting gym shoes or bike shoes with SPD cleats
  • Wear functional workout clothing made of breathable material

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