discovery Day Camp

West Madison

Ages 5-13*

Our camp is a fun mix of exploring the natural world, healthy activity and learning to be responsible members of our community. Campers get a true outdoor experience every day. We construct imaginative art projects; we play tennis, basketball, baseball and kickball; we discover nature all around us on regular hikes; and we take advantage of multiple playgrounds, all within Fitchburg’s McGaw Park. There’s a field trip every week, we swim at the West Y twice a week and everything is led by art, sports and nature specialists who stress independence, responsibility, environmental respect and being passionate about life.

Drop-off and pick-up at West YMCA; campers are transported daily to McGaw Park in Fitchburg for camp.

Program Price: $269/week
Discounted Member Price: $217/week
$25 registration fee per child; $10 deposit per week
*Kindergarten completion required to attend












Week 1 | June 17–21 

Color Wars

In our start-of-summer celebration, camp groups will come up with names, design their flags and create a chant or song. Groups will show their camp spirit in a battle of wits, physical skills and silliness!

Week 2 | June 24–28 

Cave Dwellers 

Campers will imagine living amongst woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers as they learn basic survival skills used by prehistoric humans including cooking, building shelters and telling stories via pictograph.

Week 3 | July 1–5 (No camp July 4) Celebrate!

In this short Week, we’ll party all Week with a different holiday celebration each day. Get ready for mid-summer Valentine’s Day, Halloween costumes and a Thanksgiving lunch.

Week 4 | July 8–12 Zootopia**

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! We’ll study animal behavior, habitats and conservation from our community and around the world. We’ll create masks, habitats, our own creatures and take a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo ($10 field trip fee)!

Week 5 | July 15–19 Around the world

Our campers will travel the world to learn games, crafts and traditions common in other countries. 

Week 6 | July 22–26 Superhero Training Camp

Villains have taken over camp and set up their evil lair! We will use all of our strength, wit, daring and creativity to save the day!

Week 7 | July 29–Aug 2 Tropical Island

3,000 years ago, sailors navigated the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and settled in what is now known as the Polynesian Triangle. This Week, we’ll celebrate the cultures and ecology of Polynesian places like New Zealand, Easter Island and Hawaii.

Week 8 | August 5–9 Camp Olympics

We’ll form five teams representing the five Olympic rings and have our own opening and closing ceremonies, an Olympic torch and more. Plan on summer and winter Olympic sports and other silly camp activities.

Week 9 | August 12–16 Through the Ages

From dinosaurs to discos, hop in our time machine and travel through the ages in a Week! We’ll explore ancient civilizations, medieval madrigals, pioneer days, 60’s flower power and the distant future!

Week 10 | August 19–23 Down on the Farm

Dust off your cowboy boots, and bust out your overalls! We will explore what it takes to run a farm by practicing farmhand skills, planting our own vegetables and learning to line dance! Yee-haw!