New & Improved Mobile App Coming May 1

Coming May 1: A new YMCA of Dane County Netpulse mobile app!

In just under a month, you can make this fully integrated tool your primary connection to everything happening at the Y. Today, our Y has two mobile apps that are used for different purposes, but beginning May 1, we'll have one free app that can be your resource for:

  • Quick check-in at the Y
  • Facility schedules for gyms, pools and workout child care
  • Schedules for drop-in group exercise classes
  • Program registration
  • Track workouts; set and manage fitness goals; and participate in fitness challenges
  • Seamlessly connect to wearables like Fitbit, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper and more
  • Receive direct notification of facility, class and other schedule changes (i.e. inclement weather closures)

How do you get this amazing new tool? As noted above, the Y currently uses two mobile apps, so:

  • If you already use the YMCA of Dane County Netpulse Inc. app, you should receive an automatic update as Netpulse is the developer of our new app. If it doesn't update automatically, you may be prompted to click the "Update" button. That's it!
  • If you currently use the YMCA of Dane County Daxko Inc. mobile app, you can download the new one for free from Google Play or the App Store.

Not sure which app you use now? The icon on your mobile device is:

  • Green/Blue Y logo on white background = Netpulse app
  • Blue/Purple Y logo on white background = Daxko app
  • The new Netpulse app icon will feature a white Y logo on a purple background.

We'll tell you more about this great new tool over the next month, so stay tuned to the web, member e-mail communications and Y social media for updates.


How do I find the app?
Our app is available in the App Store and in Google Play. Search for YMCA of Dane County, and choose the Netpulse Inc. (you’ll see a purple Y icon) version to download. Please note: The Daxko Inc. version of our app will no longer be updated and will be removed from circulation soon.

What is an xID?
Your xID is a universal sign-in for connected Matrix fitness equipment and our new mobile app. It is the combination of a numeric ID (many people use their phone numbers) and a four-digit passcode. Register or sign in with your xID on available Matrix equipment, and your workout is automatically tracked in the app.

Where do I set up my xID?
The easiest place to set up your xID is on the mobile app home screen. You can also complete set up at

What if I forget my passcode?
You can reset passcodes on our mobile app or online:

I currently use the YMCA of Dane County Netpulse app. Do I need to download the new version?
No. The current app installed on your device may update automatically, or you may be prompted to update, but you shouldn’t have to download the new version. If neither of these occurs, the easiest fix may be deleted the app and reinstalling it.

I currently use the YMCA of Dane County Daxko Inc. app. Do I have to switch to the new Netpulse version?
Yes. The Daxko Inc. version of our mobile app will no longer receive facility or class schedule updates. In a short time, it will be removed from the app store (we’ll provide a heads up before that happens). The new Netpulse version is a much more powerful tool and will have up-to-date information; that’s the one you want!

What can app users do with our connectable Matrix fitness equipment?
Your xID links your app directly to interactive Matrix machines, and some really cool functionality is available. Check out these video tutorials, and learn how you can maximize our Matrix equipment.

Can I track workouts on non-Matrix machines?
Yes. Select “Record a Workout”, then enter, for example, a pickup game of basketball, a group exercise class, a missing workout or take a picture of a non-Matrix treadmill screen (click xCapture).

Why does the app ask to access my photos?
To use Xcapture with the Record a Workout feature, the app needs access to your camera to save a photo of your workout.

Why does the app ask to access my contacts?
Our app requests access to your contacts for the refer a friend feature. This allows you to refer via your contact list.

What happens if I make a training or fitness assessment request?
A personal trainer at your Y branch receives a notification and contacts you to discuss and schedule.

What fitness apps/wearables connect to the Y app?
And more!

Click the “Connected Apps” tab on the home screen to review the full list.