2017-18 Board of Directors

Scott Anderson, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
Ben Christensen, American Family Insurance
Jane Clark, Clark & Gotzler
Matt Darga, Urban Land Investments
Elizabeth Erickson, Jackson Lewis, P.C.
Todd Fortune, Merrill Lynch
Matt Karnick, First Commercial Bank
Aaron Kostichka, McGann Construction, Inc.
Colin Mehlum, DirectNetworks, Inc.
Alison Prange, Friends of the Zoo
Leah Roe, healthfinch, Inc.
Luella Schmidt, Fine Point Consulting
Wes Sparkman, Dane County Executive Office
Tim Stadelman, J. H. Findorff & Son Inc.
Greg Tracy, Propeller Health
Charles Tubbs, Sr., Dane County Emergency Management
Jasper Vaccaro, Wisconsin Bank & Trust
Rick Weiland, Retired, Engineer, Adjunct Faculty

Executive Committee 
Jasper Vaccaro, Chair
Todd Fortune, Vice Chair
Wes Sparkman, Secretary
Rick Weiland, Treasurer
Scott Anderson, Past Chair

Board Committee Chairs
Jane Clark, Governance Co-Chair
Todd Fortune, Governance Co-Chair
Jasper Vaccaro, Executive
Rick Weiland, Finance & Audit
Matt Darga, Capital Planning & Development
Aaron Kostichka, Mission Advocacy

Lussier Family East Branch Advisory Board
Karen Bosold, Campaign Chair
Michelle Bouffiou
Mel Freitag
Sarah McMunn

Northeast Branch Advisory Board
Neil Stechschulte, Chair
Becky Gruber, Vice Chair
Eric Seidl, Campaign Chair
Stacey Darga
Jon Emerick
Steve Stocker
Michelle Weber
Bonnie Erickson
Mark Olsen

Lussier Family West Branch Advisory Board
Nate Altfeather, Chair
Robin Downs, Campaign Chair
John Cates
Stephanie Daugherty
Dave Genin
Richard Hackner
Mike Keepman
Kathy Key
Luke Lestikow
Jeremy Neuman

Senior Leadership

James Jackson, President/CEO
Emily Andersen, Controller
Sharon Baldwin, Sr. Director of Healthy Living
Paul Eaton, Sr. Director of Membership Services
Jen Kruel, Vice President of Mission Advancement
Jon Landsverk, Northeast Center Executive
Katie Martinelli, West Center Executive
Jason McColl, East Center Executive
Mike Mohoney, Chief Financial Officer/VP of Finance
Kerry Newquist, Chief Human Resources Officer/VP of Human Resources
Cindy Plummer, Sr. Director of Human Resources
Scott Shoemaker, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications
Annette Steele, Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
Paul VanderVelde, Chief Operating Officer

Donor Policy

Donor Intent 
Donors’ wishes will be considered to the extent possible, as long as their intended use of funds is in keeping with the purpose of YMCA of Dane County and with the policies and priorities of the organization as expressed in the corporate plan. YMCA of Dane County will not accept a gift for which it is incapable of honoring donor intent.

All gifts, regardless of value, form or stipulation, shall be acknowledged by YMCA of Dane County through a written substantiation, including a gift receipt.

Formal recognition of donors includes methods that convey appreciation to the donor and provide opportunities for public acknowledgment only where acceptable to a donor.

Public Notice 
YMCA of Dane County will respect a donor’s wish to remain anonymous.

The fund development unit shall maintain confidentiality concerning all correspondence regarding contributions, gift records, prospect cards and other data on donors and will ensure that this donor information is used on a need-to-know-basis only for the support of fund development for YMCA of Dane County. YMCA of Dane County will not share or sell donor information nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.

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