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20/20 Member Referral FAQs

Q: What membership categories are eligible to participate in the 20/20 Member Referral Rate shared-discount program?
A: Adult; Household 1-2; Household 3-4; Senior; and Senior +1 members.

Q: Can a member refer a friend who would qualify for a Youth membership?
A: No. Youth memberships are set at a lower rate and ineligible for 20/20.

Q: What are the 20/20 program’s requirements for current members?
A: An active account in good standing paid my monthly draft at the full rate for their appropriate category is required.   

Q: What happens if my friend joins at the 20/20 rate and later cancels their membership?
A: You have 30 days (one billing cycle) to refer a new friend and maintain the 20/20 rate. If you are unable to recruit a new friend in 30 days, your monthly rate returns to the standard category rate. But any time thereafter that you refer a new, eligible friend, you can re-enter the 20/20 program.

Q: What if I have an annual membership?
A: Both members must pay via monthly draft to qualify for the 20/20 rate. Members paying annually must convert to a monthly draft for either member to qualify for the shared discount.

Q: Can new members participate in the 20/20 program?
A: Yes! New members may immediately refer another eligible new member.

Q: Can a current member terminate their membership and rejoin with another current member at the 20/20 rate?
A: New members must be inactive for at least 30 days to qualify for the 20/20 program.

Q: If I am a current member paying the full rate for my membership, and I have a friend that is a current member of the Y, can I refer my friend so that we can get the 20/20 rate?
A: No. Current members cannot refer other current members; only new members are eligible for referral.

Q: When does the 20/20 rate go into effect?
A: For current members, the 20/20 rate takes effect on the date of the next monthly draft after your friend successfully joins the Y. The 20/20 rate goes into effect on the date of the next full monthly draft (after the prorated payment) for the new member.

Q: If I recruit multiple friends to the Y, do I receive additional rate reductions for each friend that joins?\
A: No. Referring members are eligible for one 20% discount per membership. However, each friend that you refer is eligible for the 20/20 rate, and as long as one of your referrals continues their membership, you retain your 20/20 rate. For example, you recruit three new members; if two quit after a year, you keep paying the reduced rate as long as your third referral remains a member. So the bigger the friend “bench” you build, the easier it is to stay in the program!

Q: Can all of the family members on my membership refer friends to the program?
A: Yes. However, the 20/20 program allows for only one price reduction on the current membership.

Q: If I have a membership that is already discounted more than 20% through Y financial assistance, can I still refer a friend that qualifies for the 20/20 rate?
A: Yes. If each of you pays by monthly draft and has a membership in good standing, friends you refer can receive the 20/20 rate.

Q: Is a current member eligible for the 20/20 rate if they refer someone who qualifies for and receives financial assistance that results in a discount greater than 20%?
A: In this situation, the current member does not receive the 20/20 rate because the referred member is not a full-pay participant.  

Q: Can Silver & Fit members refer new members into the 20/20 program?
A: No. While Silver & Fit members are welcome to refer new members to the Y, both members must pay by monthly bank draft to qualify for the 20/20 rate.

Q: What happens if a member in the 20/20 program places their membership on hold?
A: Both members connected via the 20/20 program will continue to receive the reduced rate.  However, members on hold cannot refer new friends while their membership is inactive.

Q: Can YMCA staff refer new members that qualify for the 20/20 rate?
A: No. Staff referrals are not eligible for participation in the program.  

Q: If standard membership rates change, how will this impact my monthly rate?
A: The 20/20 rate is always 20% off the standard rate. Your monthly cost will adjust to 20% off of the new standard rate.

Q: Does the 20% discount apply to prorated membership dues?
A: No. The 20% discount applies to the full, standard monthly dues once a new membership is processed.